Importance of Customized Prototyping of NdFeB Magnets

2024-06-06 00:05

Recently, I received a consultation from Mr. Li in Shenzhen. He asked me about a batch of NdFeB magnets that were customized. Why was the size right, but the product I got was still not suitable? What happened? Then I analyzed several problems for Mr. Li. It is very important to make samples before ordering customized NdFeB magnets. There are samples. Send samples to confirm first, and make them according to the samples, so that there will be no mistakes. Because some customers don’t know much about the performance, the magnetism is not enough, and the specifications of some products are different, and the magnetization direction is not the same. It is also easy to make mistakes if there is no communication first. More importantly, tolerances, positive and negative tolerances are all tolerances. If you read them wrong, this batch of goods will not work. I introduced the magnets of the Dongguan manufacturer to Mr. Li, and asked Mr. Li to take samples to visit the factory. I explained to Mr. Li in detail that

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