Things to pay special attention to when customizing special-shaped magnets

2024-06-06 00:03

Powerful magnets are divided into two types: regular shapes and special shapes.What we generally see on the market today are basic shapes, but special-shaped magnets are widely used, so many customers need to customize special-shaped magnets.So, what should you pay attention to when customizing special-shaped magnets?Because of the wide availability of powerful magnets, the styles of powerful magnets on the market are diversified.What should we pay attention to when customizing special-shaped magnets?First of all, we should try our best to select some manufacturers with a lot of production experience, because the level of such manufacturers at the manufacturing level is very high; secondly, the manufacturer's customization capabilities, simply put, the ability to make patterns are also what we should be concerned about. Factors, because there are many small manufacturers that do not have the ability to make patterns, or the shapes and specifications produced are not accurate, resulting in low fit.Therefore,


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