Storage of NdFeB Magnets

2024-06-06 00:01

1. The magnetism of NdFeB magnet is very strong.The first thing you should do is avoid using magnets to hold hands or other parts of the human body.For large-capacity strong magnets, you need to pay more attention to safety.2. Do not connect strong magnets to patients near electronic medical equipment or with pacemakers and other devices.3. Do not swallow strong magnets.If swallowed accidentally, seek medical treatment immediately.Strong magnets should be kept out of the reach of small children.4. During the use of magnets, the environment should be kept as clean as possible to prevent fine residues such as iron pins from adsorbing on the surface of the magnet and affecting use.Magnetic fragments flying into the eyes can cause damage and must be used with caution.5. NdFeB magnets should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment.Acid-base, alkaline, organic solution, physiological saline and high temperature and humid environment will easily oxidize the magnet, the electroplating process layer will fall


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