Daily maintenance of strong magnets

2024-06-05 23:52

With more and more factories in various industries, the application scope of strong magnets is becoming more and more extensive. Electronic appliances, industrial equipment, electroacoustic industry, health care equipment, craft products, motors, toys, printing and packaging gifts, audio, medical equipment, automotive instruments, communication accessories, etc. The use environment is also diverse. So how should we pay attention to the maintenance of strong magnets? The daily maintenance of strong magnets needs to be done to keep the working environment clean, without too much dust and too many micro particles. Because of their light weight, they are easy to float in the air and adhere to the surface of strong magnets, resulting in a decrease in product performance. In addition, it cannot work in a high temperature environment, because the high temperature environment can easily reduce the service life of the strong magnet. If the temperature of the working environment exceeds the specified temperature, it


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